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Custom Wall Murals

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Custom Wall Murals by Great Bay Signs: Quality you can see!

Great Bay Signs, a full service company, offers custom solutions for your sign needs including branding and visibility.

Custom Wall Murals Tierra Verde Mural 300x169Your needs will determine the path of the entire process to build your custom wall mural. We can build your design from a photograph or logo which will take into account your lighting requirements, materials for maximum adhesion, the building of your custom mural and professional installation.

Great Bay Signs professional design team will present several options that will highlight your needs including several materials and sizes that will allow for a wide variety of price ranges to fit your budget.

Building materials can include:

  • Removable materials
  • Non marking materials
  • Peel and stick self-adhesive materials
  • Environmentally friendly inks and paper

Wall textures and paint on the walls to be considered when selecting your Custom Wall Mural for maximum adhesion:

  • Low Volatile Organic Compound paint (VOC paint)
    • Has new paint been cured to the manufacture’s specifications
    • Are there several layers of paint on the selected wall
  • Block walls
  • Smooth walls
  • Textured walls

Characteristics of the selected wall that need to be considered for maximum adhesion:

  • Does the wall come in contact with with foot traffic
  • Is the temperature of the room constant
  • Is the wall in sunlight or exposed to moisture
  • Does the wall need repairs
  • Are there light switches or heating or cooling ducts on or near the wall

Our Custom Wall Mural Specialists Ensure a Successful Outcome!

Vinyl Cling Wall GraphicsYou have decided that you want a Wall Mural of your favorite spot on earth or your beloved pet. You have selected a wall with great visibility that will make you happy every time you walk by. You can’t wait to make this a reality…right? Here are the missing pieces to this project. Will you be happy if the wall isn’t sound or the paint won’t hold and the Mural fails to adhere properly? Will you be happy if when you decide to move and the Mural damages the wall to the point of costing a great deal to restore? These are only a few of the pitfalls of improper Mural installation and exactly why a professional team is needed so that once the Mural is a daily part of your life that it really will make you happy each time you walk by…isn’t that why you decided to go for it in the first place?

Since your Mural will be adhering directly to your wall the process needs to be thought through including from the inception of the design to the placement on a selected wall up to an including its eventual removal.

Why should you begin with removal in mind? One of the reasons it is so important to have your Mural in the hands of a professional team is that if not applied correctly it can permanently damage the wall in a number of ways. After reading the following you will have no doubt why your Mural’s success should depend on professionals from inception to installation…and the happiness your problem free Mural will bring.

Wall selection is paramount and includes these questions:

Custom Design Wall MuralIs the wall sound? This includes the physical condition such as prior water damage or inconsistencies.

What is the surface of the wall? Is it smooth, mildly textured or heavily textured, is it brick or block? All of these textures have an effect on adhesion of your Mural. Installation of textured walls may require a heat gun and roller. However the heat, if not used properly, can damage the wall.

Has the wall been painted many times or is it newly painted? If it has been painted many times is the top coat adhering or does it have places it has begun to peal? If the wall is newly painted has it cured the number of days (usually at least 30) that the manufacturer recommends so that outgas doesn’t build up under the Mural and cause bubbles? Both of these situations can lead to poor adhesion of your Mural.

Does the wall need to be cleaned prior to the installation and if so, why? If the wall is not cleaned properly then you run the risk of the Mural not adhering properly especially if there is lint from the cleaning cloths or grease from cooking or from hands.

Other areas of installation to consider:

Do you need to worry about stretching the material to fit snugly? What will happen when the material shrinks later?

Is the vertical or horizontal hanging method best? Vertical may be selected if the panels are wider that tall and horizontal for the counterpart.

Is it important not to have seams or is it more important to be concerned about using smaller pieces to better control the weight of the Mural and increase adhesion?

How important is the traffic pattern to the selection of the wall for your Mural? Walls can be inadvertently rubbed by people passing by or repeatedly touched by hands in all states of cleanliness which will have an effect on longevity of the material and adhesion.

Is it important to seal all for edges during installation? Leaving one edge open till the end of the installation gives an escape route for trapped air. If the air is not fully removed during installation it may cause lack of adhesion.

How does moisture and humidity have an effect on my Mural? These circumstances can cause lack of adhesion.

What can be done if an edge stops adhering? Pull down additional material until you have passed the loose area. Have ready an adhesion product that is made for your Mural’s composition, apply and use a brush to the surface to aid the material sticking properly.

What can be done if I wish to remove my Mural easily? Cutting the Mural into pieces aids with its removal in most cases.

Free Consultation With Our Custom Wall Mural Professionals

The professional team at Great Bay Signs will make sure that all of these pitfalls are addressed allowing you to experience the happiness you desire with your Custom Wall Mural. We look forward to working with you! Call us now at (727) 437-1091 for your Free Consultation!

Great Bay Signs: Quality you can see!