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Lobby Signs

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A Work of Art in Your Office

CUSTOM LOBBY SIGNAGEOur master craftsmen will produce a premium quality work of art that defines your business

Great Bay Signs, a full service sign company, offers custom solutions for your sign needs including branding that makes a statement that will impact everyone that comes into your office

Nearly every office in America has signage. The business or organization that wants to showcase their professionalism, display their need for excellence and enhance their brand go the extra step by taking their logo to the level of art and the focal point of their office

Your vision for your business will determine the path for the entire process for building your lobby sign, including the design, lighting requirements, materials, fabrication and installation

Great Bay Signs professional design team:

  • Will present several options highlighting your vision for your lobby sign
  • Options will include several materials and sizes which allows for a wide variety of price ranges to fit your needs

Your Logo and Lettering materials can include:

  • Metals: Brushed or Mirror Polished
    • Aluminum
    • Brass
    • Bronze
    • Copper
    • Stainless Steel
    • Cor-Ten Steel
  • Cut vinyl
    • “Etched glass” look alike
    • Full color graphics
  • Foam
    • Faced with acrylic or metal
  • Acrylic dimensional letters:
    • Frosted “etched glass”
    • Clear or colored
  • Wood:
    • Plain or beveled edge
    • Live edge
  • Logo Backlit features available:
    • Energy efficient, low wattage, LED lights
    • RBB colored lights
  • Hardware options:
    • Metal rails
    • Stand Offs
  • Finishes available:
    • Brushed or mirror polished metals
    • Laminates for protection
    • Engraved dimensional sign faces
    • Full color graphics
    • Custom paint
    • Panels as a background element


Custom Lobby SignGreat Bay Signs specializes in quality lobby signs that will elevate your logo to art! Our creative design team produces lobby signs that reflect your business or organizations professional image. Our lobby signs are available in a variety of materials and finishes that will be selected through your vision for your organization, your available space and budget. Whatever type of sign you’re interested in, our design team will be with you every step of the way. Custom lobby signs can be made from materials such as cut metal, cut vinyl, foam, cut acrylic or wood. We can help you to turn your vision into reality.

Below are listed types of lobby signs with a short explanation. Our design team will provide you with several viable options which will take the guess work out of selecting this important part of your office that will be designed to convey your professionalism. Your logo will be the centerpiece of your lobby sign and the selection of the material to form your logo may be the most important decision in your sign creation project. Lobby signs can be made out of many types of materials to bring together exactly the design you anticipate.

Metal provides a quality option that allows us to copy your typestyle and logo exactly. The detail possible with metal allows for dimensional shapes. Because of this flexibility metal is a popular material for lobby signs and comes is a variety of types such as aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel and Cor-Ten steel.

Aluminum can be painted to match your need and it comes in several thicknesses that can become the face of your logo or used only as a backing material. Metal can be brushed, mirror polished or anodized and can also be used as the face on acrylic or foam.

Brass, Bronze and Copper all are available as brushed, polished or oxidized finishes.

Stainless Steel is naturally corrosion resistant but is not totally impervious to rusting. If stainless steel is your choice then we would use a metal with a process to stop this eventual decay.
Cor-Ten steel is unique as it has the durable properties of steel which looks like an antique rust finish.

Cut Vinyl as “Frosted” and “Etched Glass” are elegant and classic logo statements and if used on a door, window or free standing panel it can provide privacy while allowing light inside. Cut Vinyl is a cost effective material that can be colored or clear and will give the appearance of the much more expensive glass material that can be sand or water blasted.

Cut Vinyl as Full Digital Graphics is the most economical way to make a statement. Vinyl can be applied directly to your office wall or mounted to a durable material such as light weight foam.

Foam is a great option for a wide variety of interior signage and can be faced with acrylic or metal.

Acrylic can be laser cut to provide the ability to suit the most demanding logo design or form. These letters are available in pigmented colors or can be painted to suit your exact needs and come in a variety of thicknesses and shapes and can be faced with a thin metal laminate face.

Wooden lobby signs are used to project a classic timelessness that can showcase your business or organizations longevity or expected longevity in the community. Wood can be stained to your specifications and letters can be added in metal or other materials and the edges can be plain or beveled. The most beautiful wooden signs are made of Live Edge Panels which shows the character of the original tree as part of your logo statement.

Logo Backlit features ensures your sign is eye catching. This simple but effective feature is created with long lasting, eco-friendly, low voltage LED lights in variety of color options.

Hardware is not only important to the proper display of your sign be can be used as an accent to the face of your lobby sign.

Great Bay Signs is committed to our customer’s satisfaction which is paramount before, during and after the installation of your beautifully designed lobby sign. We will satisfy your specific requirements with exceptional professional service including the perfect installation with quality you can see!