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Monument Signs

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A highly visible monument sign highlights your organization’s permanence and can draw customers to your door with an excellent first impression.

Custom Design Monument Sign- Design, Production, & InstallationGreat Bay Signs, a full-service sign company, offers custom solutions for your sign needs including branding and added visibility to your business or organization.

Organizations utilizing monument signs :

  • Individual businesses
  • Business parks
  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Subdivisions
  • Retail stores/malls
  • Churches
  • Government offices
  • Real Estate offices
  • Service Industries
  • Construction companies
  • Commercial properties
  • Schools
  • Charities

Your needs will determine the path of the entire process to build your sign, including the design, lighting requirements, materials, permitting, building and installation.

Great Bay Signs professional design team:

  • Will present several options highlighting your sign needs
  • Options will include several materials and sizes which allows for a wide variety of price ranges to fit your needs
  • Building materials can include:
    • Durable Foam Core with a hard coat exterior
    • Aluminum sign faces with full color graphics
    • Engraved dimensional sign faces
    • Acrylic dimensional letters
    • Many different textures and creative design elements


Custom Stone Monument SignMonument signs are a great way to provide more visibility to your business and stand out making your logo recognizable, creating greater brand awareness while attract new customers to your company. These signs provide a sense of permanence. A custom crafted Monument sign is the best way to be not only more noticeable but even become a landmark used for directions as well as helping to find your organization on busy streets lined with business. A unique Monument sign is an investment that has the ability to pay for itself. Many municipalities have created “Monuments only” signs ordinances to insure the beauty of their towns.

Monuments are different from other signs because the sign sits at eye level which eliminates the need for posts or pylons that require additional maintenance and may rust over time. Monument signs were traditionally constructed of masonry but today they are also made from highly engineered products like high density urethane and expanded polystyrene. A very high end image can be projected by using granite or bronze letters and logos attached to the monument face. These options can be tailored to your budget and are very popular with churches, schools, business parks, residential neighborhoods, apartments, condominiums and professional/office buildings.

When cost is a great factor, a less expensive alternative would be a Post and Panel sign which as the name implies are two posts holding the sign in between. The posts can be as simple as possible by using pressure treated wood or as decorative as vinyl fencing posts with elaborate caps topping the posts. The sign can be made of aluminum, sign board or plastic. These materials will last a long time but not nearly as long as a well-built Monument sign. Also, a Post and Panel sign does not provide the same sense of permanence as provided by a Monument sign. Most monument signs are affordable and create a memorable advertisement to drive customers to your business.

Another alternative is a Pylon sign. This type of sign is usually 8 or more feet above the ground and is normally a lighted sign. The advantage to this type of sign is the added visibility from a distance. However, they normally require a truck with a lift to provide normal maintenance.

Freestanding Business SignAlternatives that replaced neon signs are called electronic signage. There are several different types including LED Signs, such as electronic fuel price changers, electronic message centers, digital menu boards, and digital display systems. This type of sign requires training so that our customers can provide quality digital content needed to catch the attention desired of prospective customers that are driving or walking in the business district.


Great Bay Signs will provide you with the best quality of products from which to choose. You will be able to select from durable foam product with a hard coat exterior, aluminum sign faces with full color graphics, engraved dimensional sign faces, stone and brick, acrylic dimensional letters with many different textures and creative design elements as well as a lighted option to suit your specific needs.

Our custom signs will help you to express your organization’s individuality which can include graphic elements can be attached to our monuments in 3 dimensional form as well as plastic letters which are one the most popular and durable products available. Foam letters are the standard for most local businesses as well as almost anywhere there is a need for dimensional signage. These types of letters and many others are easy to customize in a letter style or logo for perfect 3 dimensional signs.

Monuments provide the marriage of quality and creativity to suit your sign budget. For example, foam products have a smaller cost than traditional materials with similar, long lasting results.
You can add beauty to your signs with a variety of decorative elements. These decorations enhance signs for individual businesses, business parks, apartments, condos, subdivisions, retail stores and malls, churches, government offices, real estate offices, service industries, construction companies, commercial properties, schools and charities.

Every company has a sign, so to make your sign stand out you need to make it unique. Your Monument
sign should be more than just your logo and address; it should show visually that your company is different. The production team at Great Bay Signs can show you how this is accomplished right down to the location of the sign which needs to be in a hand selected area that best shows it off. The color pallet for the sign is important to able catch the person’s eye as they are driving by. Will the sun hit it in the morning or evening? If so our team will work to use that to your best advantage. Will the Monument be under a street light or need to have lights shining on the sign for it’s best viewing advantage or will the sign need to be lighted from within? Our team will guide you to make your sign both memorable and beautiful…quality you can see!