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Solar Signage

Florida receives plenty of sunlight throughout the year. Why not use that to your marketing advantage?

Solar Signage Front Solar panel 225x300Lighted signs can be beneficial for any establishment. However, electricity bills may overshadow their benefits, making them a not-so-favorable choice after all. Good thing that at Great Bay Signs, we have the solution to this dilemma.

As a St. Petersburg, FL solar signage company, we provide sustainable signs that will let you display your business offerings or broadcast any message 24/7 using the sun’s power alone. With our premium solar-powered signage, you can proudly promote your brand, message, or special events or promos without worrying about any utility cost.

Whether you run a business, hospital, school, government office, or any other facility, trust that our signage experts at Great Bay Signs can provide you with the best St. Petersburg solar signage that fits your needs and advertising goals.

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Attractive Signage for Every Facility

solar-powered signageAdvertising is all about catching your target audience’s attention and holding it long enough to convince them to transact with you. At Great Bay Signs, we make sure that as much as our solar signage is proven to be environment-friendly and cost-effective, it is also designed to provide you with great visibility while showcasing elements that are eye-catching and effective brand builders.

With our solar signage, you will be able to install useful signs regardless of how remote your area is. Even if grid connection may prove to be expensive or complicated, it wouldn’t be your problem anymore. Whether you need a bathroom or exit sign in your night club, you can now have it without the worry of an additional monthly expense. You may even consider it as better security for the more remote spaces of your facility.

Aside from directional signs, Great Bay Signs also manufactures solar signage highly effective in marketing and advertising. Whether for promoting upcoming events or marketing your products and services, our solar signage will certainly give you an advertising edge with its creative design and premium craftsmanship.

And you know what’s even better? Your establishment can stay lit and visible even during a power outage!

Among the places that can greatly benefit from our high-quality solar signage are the following:

  • Retail shops
  • Convenience stores
  • Gasoline stations
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Government offices
  • Landmarks
  • Recreation areas
  • Relocating attractions like fair and festivals

Didn’t see your establishment on the list? Don’t worry! Just talk to our St. Petersburg solar signage experts and tell them all about your needs and goals. They will be able to come up with appropriate recommendations on how you can properly utilize our solar signs. Our design team will ensure that your signage will be attractive and unique, reflecting exactly the core of your branding message.

Cost-Effective Marketing and Advertising Tool

Solar signage now ranks highly in popularity as a cost-effective marketing and advertising tool. One of the main reasons is because it allows you to cut your promotional expenses upfront and in the long run.

Since solar-powered signage is now the go-to for many establishments, the materials needed for its installation have considerably gone down in prices. Great Bay Signs knows where to source these less expensive materials, making our signage even more affordable for you.

On top of that, solar signage is known for its biggest cost-saver: no more monthly electricity bill. Since you won’t acquire power source from electric lines, you can use your solar signage for as long as you want without worrying about how much you’ll pay into the grid.

Additionally, solar signs are extremely easy to move. If you need to change locations, you won’t have to invest in another signage for your new building. That will definitely give you a substantial amount of saved resources.

Environment-Friendly Promotional Tool

business signageIf you want to handle your energy footprint better and want your target market to know it, Great Bay Signs has excellent solar signage that is certainly a must-have for your business.

Solar-powered signs only use the sun’s power to keep themselves lit. They are installed with solar panels and a battery attached to the base. During the day, the solar panels work to store and harness energy from the sun in the connected battery. This energy will then be released to power up the solar lights during nighttime.

Making use of the sun’s power to promote your business, rather than connecting to the grid, will make your customers grateful for your commitment to sustainability. And what’s even more important is you will be able to take care and give back to the environment in your own little yet consistent way.

Trusted St. Petersburg Solar Signage Provider

Investing in solar signage will certainly be worth it if you do it with Great Bay Signs. With our experienced and dedicated signage experts, together with our premium equipment and modern manufacturing technology, your solar-powered signs are bound to give you the marketing advantage that will surpass your expectations!

Our St. Petersburg, FL solar signage experts offer free consultations where you can discuss your goals and hear professional advice on what to do with your signs. We have a design team that will consider all your preferences and meets you halfway by inputting expert recommendations on how to make your solar signage as eye-catching and effective as it can get.

Great Bay Signs also houses a great installation team that will first check your location and determines where it is best to install your solar signage. They will discuss their idea with you and confirm that you are okay with all the necessary steps that the installation entails. Rest assured that you will know everything that’s happening and will happen from the beginning till the end of your project with us.

On top of all these, Great Bay Signs takes pride in our commitment to helping you reach your marketing goals without crippling you financially. You just have to tell us your budget. We will work around it, coming up with a solution that will fit in your budget without compromising the goals you’ve set.

Free Consultation

Solar Signage gbs logo1 1Not sure if solar signage fits your establishment? Want to make sure that the return of the investment will be worth it?

Don’t hesitate and ask our solar signage experts now. They will give you a comprehensive answer, making sure that you get to see just how valuable solar signage can be for your business.

Call Great Bay Signs at (727) 437-1091 for your Free Consultation!