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Truck Wraps

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Do you own a business that uses work trucks for deliveries, perform jobs at customer’s home or transport goods? If so, you can increase brand awareness by using custom truck wraps and vinyl graphics. These high-quality, durable vinyl products allow you to prominently display your company name, brand message and contact information.

Custom vinyl truck wrapWhen you use vinyl graphics and truck wraps, you can take your marketing message on the road. Travelers along with anyone outside will be able to see your branding message. When you use truck wraps for your entire fleet of work vehicles, you can grow brand recognition and broadcast your message. Additionally, truck wraps enhance customer confidence and assure your customers that you are a professional business that is ready to assist them.

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High Visibility Marketing Tool

Branded work truck wrapMost people travel the same way to and from their workplace each day. If you have a custom vehicle wrap or vinyl graphic fabricated by Great Bay Signs, you stand out from the crowd. Your phone begins to ring more as your company branding becomes more recognizable.

Vehicle wraps offer you a great way to increase your company’s visibility and take it on the road. Vinyl truck wraps and graphics allow you to consistently market your business. After your vinyl graphics and wraps are installed on all of your company vehicles, people will begin to take notice of your vehicles. Your company name will soon become a household name. Using these products is like having a giant traveling billboard that travels the same roads each day. When a local sign company designs a vehicle wrap for your company vehicles, you will receive a custom work of art that will draw attention and reinforce your branding message to everyone who sees your vehicles.

Completely Customized Vinyl Graphics for Your Company Needs

Custom Food Truck WrapWe understand that each business is different and has its own marketing and branding guidelines. You need a wrap that will perform. In order to maximize the effectiveness of a truck wrap, it must have an eye-catching design with elements and fonts that can clearly be read from a distance. The layout of the wrap must complement the shape of your work trucks and vehicles. Our custom wrap designers will work with you to develop the perfect vehicle wraps, magnets and graphics for all of your company vehicles.

Great Bay Signs can design, fabricate and install any of the following:

  • Custom Vehicle Decals, Graphics, Magnets and Stickers
  • Full Vehicle Wraps
  • Partial Vehicle Wraps
  • Perforated Window Film for Your Company Vehicles

Many businesses use different types of cars, trucks and vehicles. Whether your company uses RVs, semis, cars, trucks or ATVs, we have the ability to modify your vehicle wraps to fit all vehicle types. This allows for a cohesive design across all company vehicles.

Protection for Your Vehicle Investments

Protective truck wrapVinyl wraps do more than just increase your brand awareness. They also act as a shield against weather and road wear. The protect your vehicle’s paint job and keep your vehicles looking amazing. The cost of vehicles in a business can be phenomenal. You want to make sure you make every effort necessary to increase the value and lifespan of all your business vehicles.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your vehicle wraps and ensure your vehicles’ paint jobs are protected, vinyl truck wraps must be installed properly. Our team of professional installers will handle the entire application process. We prep your vehicle finish to ensure a smooth application. Professional installation helps to ensure that the vinyl wrap is straight and free of bubbles. Once our team installs your truck wrap, you will have a professionally wrapped vehicle.

Complete Truck Vinyl Truck Wrap Manufacturer

Branded Work Truck WrapOur company is here to assist you throughout the vinyl truck wrap process. From consultation to installation, wrap removal and maintenance, Great Bay Signs is here to help you. Our experienced design specialists, fabricators and installers will help you create the perfect vinyl wrap for your company vehicles. Additionally, if you have an existing vinyl truck wrap, that has become damaged, we can help, even if it was not manufactured and installed by us. We will help get your vehicle wraps in perfect shape.

Free Truck Wrap Consultation

Great Bay Signs company logoLet Great Bay Signs protect your vehicles, enhance customer confidence, attract new business and increase brand awareness with our durable truck wraps. We want to partner with you to help your business succeed.

Call Great Bay Signs today at (727) 777-6966 for a Free Consultation with a Truck Wrap Expert!